Illnesses and disease could go undetected, even if your pet looks completely healthy, if you don’t protect your pet by vaccine. Vaccinating your pet is easy and is by far the most effective way to keep contagious diseases at bay.

Even for animals who are indoor, vaccines are just as important. At Dignity Veterinary Hospital we will work with you to customize a vaccination protocol for your pet/s. For kittens and puppies, we generally formulate their booster vaccines according to their age and when they received their first vaccine.

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Core Vaccines

Not every pet needs all vaccines available. That’s why we customize your pet’s vaccine protocol. But every pet needs essential “Core” vaccines. These Core vaccines include Rabies, Da2pp for dogs and Rabies and FVRCP for cats. Non-Core vaccines are vaccines that are required for specific lifestyles. Mainly if your cat goes outside, or your dog has nose-to-nose contact with other dogs or congregates in places with multiple dogs, such as grooming or boarding facilities. Those vaccines are FeLV (Feline Leukemia) for cats if they go outside, and the Bordetella (Kennel cough) vaccine if your dog stays or plays with other dogs.

Rabies is a fatal virus. That is why all states require dogs to have regular rabies vaccines. We also recommend that cats receive this vaccine if they go outside and could potentially encounter an infected wildlife. If you own a dog in the state of Arizona, it is the LAW to vaccinate for rabies.

DA2PP is more commonly known as the distemper vaccine. This vaccine is a combination vaccine that consists of distemper, adenovirus, parainfluenza and parvo virus. This vaccine is given when a puppy, with follow up boosters until they reach between 14 and 16 weeks of age, and annually, or every three years after that. Our doctor will determine those factors according to your dog’s age and life style.

FVRCP: This feline vaccine is comparable to the dog’s DA2PP as it is recommended annually as well. This too is a combination vaccine that protects your cat/s from several diseases, feline viral rhinotracheitis, calici virus, and panleukopenia. We follow the same recommendations as found with dogs.

NON-CORE Vaccines

Depending on your pet’s lifestyle, we might recommend that your pet also receive one of the following non-core vaccines. For example, if your dog frequents dog parks, grooming facilities, or anywhere else that multiple dogs congregate, the Bordetella vaccine is important to prevent kennel cough. For cats who go outside, even occasionally, the FeLv vaccine will protect him if he/she gets into a scuffle with another outdoor cat. Feline leukemia is transmitted by saliva and is commonly transmitted via bite wounds.

Other non-core vaccines you might have heard about are Lyme, Leptospirosis, and the rattlesnake vaccine. Please schedule your appointment with DVS to discuss your pet’s vaccination needs. Our goal is to develop a personalized protocol specific for your pet’s needs. We take in to account your pet’s lifestyle, health, and risks for exposure to infectious disease. Vaccinating your pet is our top priority to keep your pet healthy and to live a long life.